Etsy seller goes verbal

No Title

Even though everyone knows what sensible clothing is in this era (jeans, tee shirts, sneakers,) when we go on vacation all of a sudden think we need safari gear to … Continue reading

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Fan Fiction

Recently, on a long flight, I watched Austenland over and over again, such a great movie.  And then, googling Regency, I came upon someone’s home-made portrait of Colin Firth.  Now, … Continue reading

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Iron Dome

The Iron Dome is not how you would imagine it, from the name.  It’s a big black vertical cube that looks like a Space Invaders game, from a pizzeria, circa 1980.  It’s … Continue reading

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Infinity Scarf

So Anne Curry went to Iran, and she wore a big ugly white scarf on her head.  Here is your proof that women don’t necessarily  wear headscarves either by choice … Continue reading

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Every day, at least once, I take my cat into the backyard, on a leash.  And about five minutes after we go out, after she has eaten some grass, she goes … Continue reading

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On Yellow Journalism

15% off anything in my Etsy shop, AbbyinFrance (,) with the code, ABBYINFRANCE. It’s Sunday morning, and I have been watching the Sunday news programs in the U.S.A., which I … Continue reading

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Etsy Post Nine

Charles et Charlus.I moved here to Lille, in Northern France, at the very end of the last century.  My son is a Tourangeau, which means he was born in Tours, … Continue reading

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