Etsy seller goes verbal

Etsy Post One

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About me, I love color and texture. I love faces. I like things when they’re a little sad. And old. I love French things, and the quality of French things. I like purses, and boxes, too. I like personalizing my own stuff, and I am a serious painter, besides. I love everything in my shop because I would buy it myself, and have bought it myself.

Whenever I fall in love with a painting, the first thing I think is always, ‘Is that a photograph?’ No matter how abstract it is, I always think that, because I always
see something the artist put there that is so real I think it must be Kodak.

I am a follower of Lynda Barry. I believe that art is therapy, and if you avoid art, you end up going nuts. For myself, I get inspired by materials. Oil paint is definitely by favorite scent. I also get inspired by my surroundings: neat and clean, minimal and orderly; also old, worn, vintage, imperfect. Most important, French. France is the land of savoir faire, after all. And we all know the best-made things come from The Past. But thanks to technology for putting us in touch with all this stuff!

My dream is to be trilingual. I hate languages, in fact, but I love the access they give you. Even at the beginning stages of learning, there is such a sense of possibility…and variation. I also love accents. So many people have them, too! My favorite skunk is of course Pepe LePew!


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