Etsy seller goes verbal

Etsy Post Two

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Here is a story from my past: I used to live in the Loire Valley (now I live in Northern France,) and one of the features of that place was the Gypsies. Not all Gypsies roam, and ours didn’t. You would often get stuck behind a horse-drawn Gypsy caravan (with the bells and the ribbons–you’d be pinching yourself) on a quiet misty country road, but the caravan would soon turn off, because it was local. One time, it was around Christmastime, we had driven over to the Sunday market in Tours to get baskets to make gift baskets out of, but we had gotten up too late, or couldn’t find a place to park or something–anyway, we missed the market. We were driving slowly away (there was the traffic of everyone trying to leave at once, because the market was over with) and we saw these GYPSIES, with their BASKETS, walking down the street, and we bought a whole bunch of baskets without even having to pull the car over, it was great, we just opened the windows and they threw them in the back seat. I never forgot it. It was one of my top five shopping experiences ever. And it got me interested in, basically, how, with the old ways of making things, and in the olden days, nothing was too quotidian for good design, aesthetic beauty, or careful construction…in fact, logically, the more utilitarian something is–the more it should be nice, because you are always using it. (And that’s why all my pens in my pen cups match!) But anyway I’ll shut up now, I just wanted to say that the aesthetic of my shop is the joy that comes from feasting the eyes…


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