Etsy seller goes verbal

Etsy Post Four

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Here is another story: Last Fall, we went to the Rederie d’Amiens, which is a huge semi-annual town-wide sale, very beloved by Parisians, who stay up all night in order to arrive at Amiens around 3 in the morning…because they say all the good stuff is long gone by dawn…because of all the Parisians who come to the sale.
I was coming from the other direction, from the North, and, as always, it was raining. It was a Sunday, we were running very late, and, trying to look on the bright side, we told ourselves we would get there around lunchtime when the place would be, for an hour or so, a little quieter. Well, I have to tell you, phantom reader, that things did not go too bad. We got a good parking spot, got a lot of stuff, and made a bunch a trips to the car and back. But of course it rained, and I felt so sorry for all the sad antiques getting ruined. They actually looked even more beautiful and romantic in the wet, but that just made me sadder. Then we got separated, not quite accidentally, it’s good to spend some time apart once in a while, and the plan was to meet up again at the last place we were together, which is also sort of romantic. And the stand at that spot which I kept coming back to, where the meeting spot was, had this gorgeous painting. The first two or three times I came by, it wasn’t there, because of the rain, and then, suddenly, it was, and I was knocked off of my feet, so of course after going around a couple more times and feeling like a jealous wife because others had also noticed it, I bought it. And I cannot remember any of the other things I bought that day. Now it is mid-winter, I have sold the painting, and I am still really sad about it. But I researched the buyer, she is a painter, and that makes me feel better. Her avatar is one of her portraits. I love art, and about once a week I am amazed ANEW about how much of it there is on the internet, and about how it can all be yours with just a ‘command-shift-4’ of your Mac. Sometimes it intimidates me that so many people out there are so creative, but mostly I like it. I like the way the people I follow on Tumblr curate the art, always with old illustrations mixed in. I love NYPL Caturdays. And today there appeared, on my Tumblr dashboard, a familiar painting, the avatar of my Etsy buyer, plucked off Tumblr by someone who just happened to like it, and sent to me because I follow Art.


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