Etsy seller goes verbal

Etsy Post Five

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The annual Braderie de Lille, in France, is the biggest town-wide yard sale in Europe: Lille is one of the largest cities in France, and the Braderie covers the whole city. It’s always the first weekend in September, since the Middle Ages (!!) and people come from all over the world to trade. I live here….

When I was little, I fantasized about getting locked inside Macy’s at night, and I have always wanted to be behind a counter. I feel like I am helping someone when I get her together with that object that’s gonna make her truly happy, and, living in France, I have access to some tip-top stuff, so I can do it. I have always been a materialistic person, I always want everything to be the best–not necessarily the poshest, the most beautiful, or the most perfect, but the best. When I moved to France I was blown away by how much savoir faire goes into the smallest details here, and I also get really romantic about the past…and I love being able to share that with people elsewhere in the world. In French, we have an expression, Ça fait rêver. It refers to something that sparks your imagination, and makes you imagine how things could be. It’s what puts the action in an action figure, and, more than making you buy things, it makes you love the things you have as much as you did when they were new. It’s the soul we find in objects.

My shop started with a camera and a beveled crystal ormolu trinket box. I thought this box was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and I could probably sell it. I was right. I think of myself as someone with average tastes insofar as I know that if I love something, someone else out there will, too. And it’s a really fun job. What makes my shop special, if it is special, is my seriously sick need to redistribute the best things I can find, living as I do, in the arts and antiques center of the world, France.


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