Etsy seller goes verbal

Etsy Post Six

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The Winter Sales are due to start tomorrow here in Provincial France. Because regulations have always been so strict (STILL no shopping on Sundays!) the first day of the sales has always been like a ‘running of the bulls’ type of dramatic event, not in a bad way, but more really exciting. The first day of the sales is always a Wednesday, because kids have no school that day; it’s a traditional family outing for a lot of folks. In my family, all the birthdays are in late January and in February, so you can imagine its significance to me.

Lately, alas, because of Internet, the sales aren’t what they once were. According to French law, private sales are allowed before the legal sale dates, so, just by signing up to a certain web-site or other, you can shop the sales online as early as Boxing Day…as they do in neighboring England. By the time the real sales roll around there’s nothing good left to buy. I guess that’s just the story of Life: Time passes on.

The Internet, as we all know, is great for shopping. But I try (not always with great success) not to be impulsive. Something that looks great and rare and unusual in the picture often IS NOT, when you get it, and it’s generally more satisfying to find something online that you’ve been looking for already. I think Brand Loyalty must be huge on the internet, because of our frequently buying goods almost sight-unseen.

I have not been on Etsy for very long. When I signed up, there was a huge learning curve to tackle, in terms of photography, and I am still working on it. Fortunately, all you have to do is browse Etsy to get some great inspirational ideas. I feel I am even starting to see actual clothing catalogs copy the Etsy look (instead of the other way around!) Etsy will give you all kinds of solid good advice when you are starting your shop, even if you have had shops on other sites before. The basic guideline for taking pictures, if I understand it correctly, is: use only natural light; fool around with the angles and such for each shot; use a plain and neutral background.

Not to be obvious, but I would say the best way to get a good picture would be to start out with a deserving subject. And after four paragraphs I am finally getting to the point: What we sell. I will sometimes put something up for sale only for the sake of the photograph. This is not bad business, but it’s not shifty business either: an artsy pic may get you visibility through Treasury Lists and so forth, but it’s not going to sell the object for you…and that’s as it should be. Etsy tells you, above all, to like what you sell. I would never say this in a listing, but I really feel like a nurse sometimes, helping people, giving them what they need, providing. What can I say? I’m a shallow person! But I really do feel it, deep down, and I really do hope my customers are happier GETTING their stuff than they are ORDERING it. If I say that something is amazing quality, or that it’s nicer than it appears in the pics, it’s because I mean it, because I am reaching out.


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