Etsy seller goes verbal

Long Story, Part 2

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(This is a continuation of Post Seven, which is really long:  please read that one first, and if you can’t finish it, there’s no point in reading this one.  Part Seven left off on a cliff-hanger, and I’m continuing here by inserting a little aside about my shop; it’s not an advertisement but rather a corollary which refers back to the story.

I just recently had rather a nudgy client, not a rare thing.  She had a lot of questions, and every answer let to a further question.  Also, she couldn’t decide, and kept asking me, literally, what her opinion should be.  I was ready to give up on her as being unserious and just wasting my time–except I never do give up on anyone (I am a mercantile optimist!) and anyway you could tell she was really smart, she asked good questions, and she seemed to have a grasp of the details that I wouldn’t have had, had I not had the stock right there in front of me to sort through.  So I looked her up on Google, as you do, and decided she was an actual person who really existed, which means a paying customer.  And she panned out, you know, she bought my entire stock.  BUT just before checkout, she said, Wait, what if you’ll be getting in more and better stuff, maybe I should wait?  and I was thinking NNNNNNNNoooooooooo!!!!!!!!! but i just typed No, and that seemed to shut her up.  And then a few unrelated questions, and then we get to the end of the road again, and she says it again, I can wait if you’re going to have more, and I calmly write back to her:  Really, there’s no point.  It’s the middle of Winter, there are no flea markets for me to stock up at, and anyway this is a collection built up over years, this item is really rare and years can go by without finding any (You’re buying these from me because you can’t find any anywhere else, aren’t you?)

It’s all true, but what I’m thinking is that by her tone (tone, via email? yes!) I can tell that she KNOWS I’m going to get an enhanced stock, and how does she know that?, and how red will my face be when she checks back and sees it there in my shop?  So I write back and I say, Listen, you seem to know something I don’t, so if I get more in, you can exchange them later on.  She pays, I ship, a couple days go by, a Sunday (flea market day) goes by, and no answer from her, but sure enough I have stumbled upon a mountain of more-and-better stock.  And then she writes back (more questions!) and I give her the good/bad news, and I think, Thank god I saved face by admitting this possibility in advance.

But how did she know?  Because I knew she knew.  How DID she, when I didn’t know?  Because she really did.  It’s a mystery, but they happen all the time, don’t they, little prophecies like these?  As if events happened in a slightly scrambled order from how they were meant to be?…anyway, back to the story….)

(to be continued)


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