Etsy seller goes verbal

Etsy Post Seven


I love Project Runway, what’s not to love?, everybody loves that show.  My favorite episode, each season, is the one where ONE DESIGNER gets a fatty, makes her a dreadful dress, gets voted off for it, and, basically, it’s a giant hate-fest.  Because, obviously, fat people shouldn’t wear clothes, is the the point.  Go online, to any department store, click on ‘Plus,’ and you will see the same 1960s wallpaper-inspired polyester dresses that were there fifty years ago.  But why?  Why not just make the normal clothes in big sizes?

I was thinking about this while shopping on Etsy.  I had googled ‘sarouel,’ and ended up at an Etsy shop from Thailand.  As in so many Etsy stores, the photographs were beautiful and the models looked like real models.  Except that i VERY gradually realized that some of the women were fat and some of them were old, and, I suppose, some were short as well….There is an eyeglass shop on Etsy where the you can see the arms of the model holding up the camera in front of her to take her own picture, and she is no beauty either.  But the pictures are so great you could easily imagine them in a gallery. 

My customers are always asking to see how things look ON, but i have a heck of a time getting models to show up.  They have to come at a certain time, when the light is good, and most of them are too busy with their own jobs and lives.  I’m waiting for one now….But taking pictures IS SO fun, Etsy tells you that to take pictures you just have to fool around and have fun with it, and that’s true.  I see the best photographs on Etsy, but also on Instagram and everywhere on the internet, because it turns out, now that almost everyone can afford the technology, that you don’t have to be an artist to be a photographer.  In fact, you see so much creative success on Etsy that you start to see real stores and catalogs co-opting the Etsy look.  To me, this means that it’s easier to be creative if you’re on your own. 

Last week on Project Runway a dress was so bad that it even made the model look fat.  As if it were a law of nature or something that the bad always slides towards the fat, and vice versa.  But on Etsy people are taking gorgeous photographs, using regular people, to sell their goods…and succeeding.  Which means to me that we are all suffering from some kind of stupid group-think whose only purpose is to perpetuate itself.  Flower print plus-size dresses don’t need to exist; models don’t need to be a size 0.  But we need to believe that these are laws of nature, that they keep the world turning on its axis–when in fact if we ever bothered to ignore them they would just go away.  THE END.  Disclaimer:  I do not mean to suggest that the photos in MY shop are great, only that I have fun taking them….



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