Etsy seller goes verbal

Etsy Post Eight

japa 2

One day my husband bursts into my office and says, I’m going to Israel–you don’t have to come!  and goes out again.  Later on, he asks me if I’m coming and I say, Well, no.  Not if you’re gonna ask me like that.  And he says, I was doing you a favor to ask you like that because I knew you didn’t want to come.  
Anyway to be brief, he went and i didn’t.  I had never wanted to go to Israel:  too hot, and nothing good to buy.  He comes back, and he’s, well, I haven’t seen him like that since he fell in love with me.  He’s in love.  I’m going back, and I’m taking you with me, he says.
Actually if you have seen the Simpsons you know that some people get really emotional when they go to Israel for the first time.  My husband had gotten stuck in traffic in front of the Knesset and burst out in tears.  Not my thing.
But the next Christmas (my husband is not even Jewish) I don’t have a present for him so I write on a card, I will go with you to Israel.  Christmas morning, he reads the card and says, It’s not signed!  It’s invalid!  You don’t mean it!  He wouldn’t let himself be re-assured until I showed him the resort wear I had bought for the trip already.  
So we go, and by then I have a pretty good idea I’m going to have a good time.  I had made a travel journal of all the places I wanted to go to, and it was JUST stores and restaurants.  The most intriguing was Dori Csengeri, a little boutique at the north of Dizengoff street.  When we got there, the window was as beautiful as on the internet, and inside it was, well, dense.  I spent a really long time there.  My husband got bored and went out and sat on a bench.  Behind him I could see the police station across the street with cats pacing the roof.  It’s all there, like a snapshot in my mind.  The store girl on the phone.  The half-price basket.  After, we went for a fresh-squeezed orange juice.  
It turns out, a lot of places in Tel Aviv are incredibly bright and colorful:  the fruit stands; the graffiti art; the Jaffa market; Ben Yehudah; Dori Csengeri; Chagall at  the museum.  You can see it on google images, I did, and it’s what got me excited about going there.  Now I have it all stored away in my mind’s eye.  And when I wear my Dori Csengeri it takes me back, it’s my perfect souvenir.  Search ‘soutache’ on Etsy to see what it’s like….


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