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On Yellow Journalism

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It’s Sunday morning, and I have been watching the Sunday news programs in the U.S.A., which I know I ought not to do.  They were talking about Egypt, trying to figure out why the Egyptian people don’t support their elected government versus the army.  The explanation given was that, since there is a military draft in Egypt, every family supports ‘unquestioningly’ what its sons are doing as part of the military.

How dare that journalist pronounce the word ‘unquestioningly.’  Here’s a question:  if the military is getting unprecedented support from the people, doesn’t that suggest that the majority of citizens never voted for Morsi, that maybe the election was rigged?  ( Here’s another question:  why do our American government, and most journalists, take the side of the Muslim Brotherhood, our enemies ( On the internet, no one I read can figure out why our U.S. government is bent on subverting freedom, democracy, liberty, equality, human rights, and free will, but I notice that among the many people posing this question is a growing, coalescing atheistic voice.  And so I ask myself, what do atheists believe in?  The answer is, of course, Darwin.

The Darwinian response to the problem of double-talk in government and in the media would be that the sheep-like, politically-correct, black-is-white denialism that we see today is about people’s keeping their heads down, not making waves, not biting the hands that feed them (how’s that for a contorted image?)  These people will always end up running with the pack, whereas the defender of the rights of the individual will have their neck stuck way out.  I guess Darwin would say that it takes all sorts to make a world, but I fear that this lazy, craven, self-serving, moralistic looking-out-for-number-oneism is taking over completely.  Europe has already given in:  (;;  The European Union and United Nations have abased themselves beyond redemption with hypocrisy, ideology, immorality, and money-grubbing.  The Middle East is huge mess; Israel, which has a human rights record better than that of ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, walks around daily with huge targets on its head emanating from haters in every other country in the world.  And the lies of the press and of politicians legitimize this.

I am outraged that the women of Islamic countries don’t have a right to go about their business unharmed and unshrouded; that children don’t have a right to safety and to an education; that gays and everyone else can’t just get on living their lives and not bothering anyone.  And I’m doubly outraged at the western so-called peace- and human rights slant that sabotages Muslim women, children, and minorities out of a racist attitude that inequality is okay, so long as it’s cultural.  I don’t care whether it’s due to greed, laziness, or fear, and of course most people are truly afraid of Islamic terrorism and B.D.S. threats, but that’s all the more reason we should stand up to the bullying, stop the violence, and stop letting it be covered it up when it happens.


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