Etsy seller goes verbal



Every day, at least once, I take my cat into the backyard, on a leash.  And about five minutes after we go out, after she has eaten some grass, she goes over to the back door and sniffs at it.  If I open the door, she will go in; if I do nothing, she will wait there like a statue; if I speak, she will assume correctly that it’s okay with me if we stay out for a while longer, and amble away from the door.  This is what the cat calls common civility, and what I call a ploy.  Because when I do want to go in later on, she will shrug me off:  I should have gone in when it was offered; now it’s too late.

This morning I followed the cat out to the deck, which was wet.  I sat down in a wet chair…until the cat came over and swished three times against my legs, which means ‘get up.’  I got up, because I thought we were going back inside, but as soon as I did get up, the cat jumped onto my chair, and I had to go sit in the other chair and get my butt more wet.  Then a whole bunch of noisy birds came over, presumably to watch me getting pussy-whipped, but the cat wouldn’t even chase after them because she didn’t want to give up her dry spot.  She is so petty sometimes.

Every day, when my family comes home, they ask me what interesting thing the cat has done that day.  But when I tell them, they don’t believe it.


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