Etsy seller goes verbal

Iron Dome


The Iron Dome is not how you would imagine it, from the name.  It’s a big black vertical cube that looks like a Space Invaders game, from a pizzeria, circa 1980.  It’s a machine for firing rockets out of the sky.  You won’t hear this everyday, but the IDF, the Israeli Army, is subject to the bible; the IDF is not allowed to kill unless killing is completely unavoidable.  Only God may kill, not people.

The Iron Dome is non-violent.  It tracks rockets in the air, computes where they will land, and shoots them down, if the rockets are heading for inhabited areas.  If not, the rockets are allowed to crash in deserted places.  The IDF says it’s too expensive to shoot down the rockets that don’t pose a threat, although I don’t really understand that explanation.  But I know that the Iron Domes themselves are horrendously expensive.  They save a lot of lives, still, daily life is very disrupted because of air raids.

I don’t think the Iron Dome would exist if it didn’t do something to diminish the frequency of bombs being launched.  Pacifist self-defense is not enough when you’re up against a bully.  You’d just keep fending him off until, one day, eventually, he gets you.  But if the Iron Dome reads the trajectory of a rocket, it can know from where the rocket has been launched, and then then the IAF can go in there and destroy the launcher (usually buried underground,) from the air.  Of course, that is why the enemy uses hospitals, schools, and residences as shields:  the enemy also knows that, according to the Jewish god, you are not allowed to kill.


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