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imageEven though everyone knows what sensible clothing is in this era (jeans, tee shirts, sneakers,) when we go on vacation all of a sudden think we need safari gear to wear, and orthopedic shoes. You do tend to trek a lot in a strange city, however, and where it’s hot I always get blisters on the bottoms of my feet, then I have to buy an ugly pair of shoes I will never wear again just to get back up from whatever coffee shop I have collapsed at.
This year I have decided to buy the ugly shoes in advance and carry them around with me. Does this make sense? The sneakers I ordered are only six ounces. They don’t go with any of my clothes, so they really will have to be just in case of emergency. I also now need a shoe bag, or ‘shoe mittens,’ as they used to call them in mid-century times. I’d been vacillating between contemporary and vintage shoe bags, and have decided to take the high road and make my own. i cut the handles off (at one end only) on a tote bag, so that when they are tied around the shoe bundle, it makes a body bag, or sarcophagus, for the shoes. Wish me bon voyage.
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